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Paul Williams - Design/Build Consultant:


Starting at a young age I was bitten by the elements of design, function and structure and the essence of how, when placed together, they could form quintessential beauty. I have been involved in designing dreams for single family & multi family residential projects, as well as restaurant's, for the past 25 years. Having the amazing opportunity to work in both corporate and custom home building has given me an in-depth understanding of client expectations and what is required to meet and exceed expectations. 


Over my career I have been responsible for industry nominated and award winning single family and multi family designs and construction. I tend to inject myself into each and every project as if my own. I possess amazing attention to detail ensuring clients receive their dream project beyond their expectation.


The Key... to delivering the quality I expect for our clients is using vendors & trade people who exemplify the same character and desire for craftsmanship to exceed client expectations. This coupled with a hands on approach is my personal guarantee of the amazing results our clients can expect as we create their dream. 



Steven C. Carnes - Construction Specialist (General Contractor)

In association with New Look Residential


In 1977, I began what has been and remains an extensive career in the construction industry. I have been involved in custom homes from scratch design, framing to finish, for captains of industry to professionals in the movie & TV business, exceeding their expectations at every phase. I have been involved in and performed design/build and contracting services for many restaurants and commercial projects over my career.


I specialize in both contemporary and traditional architecture with a strong background and working knowledge of engineering specific to residential structure. I stay updated and current with change within the California and National building codes.


My expertise has allowed me to create and build for clientele throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Kansas and New Mexico. I am known to provide absolute attention to detail in all aspects of contract performance. I maintain the following credentials in the state of California:


General Contractor - 796368

B - General Building Contractor

C-53 Swimming Pool/Spa Contractor

C-33 Painting & Decorating Contractor